couples and relationship therapy

What is couples and relationship therapy?

Relationship or couples therapy focuses on issues in your relationships – or lack of them – past or present. You may want to explore an aspect of your relationship, or shift the relationship to a different place if you are experiencing challenges or a crisis within it. You may wish do this as an individual or as a couple.

Relationship and couples therapy is a specialism within psychotherapy and requires additional training. When seeking a couples therapist always ensure they have training and experience in this area. Couples therapy is a distinct specialism that requires particular skills and training and is not usually included in an initial psychotherapist training.

People come to see for a wide range of relationship issues, these may include:

Intimacy or lack of (physical, sexual and emotional), issues with sex and desire, communication problems in the relationship (including high conflict or conflict avoidant relationships), relationship loss and break-up, being single, dating, affairs and infidelity in relationships, mental health and relationships, abuse in relationships, the impact of past abuse and trauma on relationships, exploration of relationship themes, repetition and patterns, distance, difference or enmeshment in relationships, shame and vulnerability in relationships, relationship diversity e.g. same sex, polygamous etc.

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