Service for Men counselling

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At Holding Hearts we work with men who have experienced trauma in the forms of community violence, domestic abuse, infidelity and separation/divorce. From high conflict relationships/marriages, we acknowledge that men can also be the victims of domestic abuse. And although it is challenging to speak about these experiences because of societal and cultural stigma around shame, embarrassment and being vulnerable, at Holding Hearts, we can help men navigate through this difficult journey. As boys, men learn from what is seen and experienced in families, and this influences one’s own definition of what it means to be a man.  We will take the time to learn about “your walk,” and what you believe constitutes as being a man.

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  • How do I parent my son or daughter?
  • How do I show affection?
  • What is a man?
  • How do I stand up for myself?
  • What is abuse?
  • How do I control my anger?


We realize men are more complex than society would like us to believe, that men are capable of feeling and showing more emotions than just anger or being tough.  Holding Hearts will take the time to listen, be accountable, respectful and integrous as we learn about your story. We will expand on these narratives to help uncover depth and meaning of your experience of walking with men.