Georgiana Jean-Pierre


MBA (in progress), MCC (in progress), CLC

Professional Life Coach Practitioner

  • Spiritual/Pastoral Counselling
  • End of Life Counselling/Coaching
  • Children, Youth, Couples & Family Counselling
  • Events Speaker/Presenter
  • Online


Georgiana has over 10 years of experience as a Professional Life Coach Practitioner, with both her professional experience, as well as experiential knowledge of the field in counselling. This unique perspective affords her the ability to identify the pain points quickly and effectively while creating uniquely designed resolutions for each of her clients.  

Additionally, Georgiana’s skill sets include crafting solutions for the leadership, management, and staff, children, youth, young adults, and couples. Her authentic, approachable nature and heart-led philosophy allow her to encourage clients to flourish.

Presently, she is in the process of furthering her professional development pursuing a Master’s in professional Christian Counselling and completing her MBA. 

In addition to her accomplishments, Georgiana is a Licensed Ordained Clergy and Chaplain with over 10 years of experience. Through the strategic combination of practice and theology prowess, she creates a holistic, unique, and safe environment for clients. Her passion is to equip and energize individuals to achieve and unlock their full potential and purpose. 

Georgiana’s areas of expertise to name a few: mental health, grief coaching, solution-based approach, cognitive behavioural coaching, anxiety and stress management, anger management, team building, emotionally focused individual coaching, bullying workshops/conflict resolution, establishing healthy boundaries, fertility coaching, spiritual care and wellness, and advocacy.

Self-care practices for Georgiana, she enjoys fellowship, hosting events, and time with her family.